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Clunes has a recorded population of 1728 residents and is situated 148 km from Melbourne and approximately 30 km north of Ballarat, it Features an unchanged streetscape from the goldrush era and nestles in the valley of Creswick Creek. It was claimed on several occasions that gold was first discovered there in Victoria. Fine old buildings and quaint verandahed shops create a feeling of the 1800s wild west. Many buildings remain unchanged since the gold rush. Several movies have featured the town as a backdrop including” Mad Max” and the “Ned Kelly” Films

It was first settled by Scotsman Donald Cameron who traveled from Sydney in 1839. Clunes is Gaelic for “pleasant place” named after his hometown in Scotland.

In 1850 William Campbell discovered gold on Cameron’s Station but did not report it straight away.

In 1851 James Esmond took samples from the property for testing, the resulting high assays subsequently sparking a rush of miners to Clunes.

In 1857 the “Port Phillip & Colonial Mining Company was formed by some of the early Diggers who obtained a lease from local landowners.

Peter Lalor Of Eureka stockade Fame settled in Clunes and became Chairman of the local water board. most mining had ceased by 1900. between 1851 to 1901, three million tonnes of quartz had been mined and crushed to produce 50 tonnes of gold.  1 Kilo Gold Price = $84,287 AUD (ie 50 tonnes = 4,214,350,000 AUD today’s Dollars )

Famous artist and 5-time Archibald prize winner John Longstaff (1862 -1948) was born in Clunes. His portraits were very fashionable in the day and in 1928 he received a knighthood. Two of his most famous portraits were of Henry Lawson (1900) and General Monash(1918) he also painted “Arrival of Burke & Wills” . He studied in the National Gallery of VICTORIA and later spent time in London and Europe before returning home.

Clunes is well known for its annual Booktown Festival held 30th April – 1st May  2022– a literary celebration featuring everything from book sales, author talks, and workshops, featuring live music, seminars, theatre, and food, great for families and children

Join the conversation, and Rummage through the bookstalls where you’ll find collectible, rare, second-hand, new, and small press books on sale. There are many Bookstores and antique stores in Clunes and you can peruse these any time in between festivals.

Festival Pass entry is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. Children under 16 are free. All children’s events and workshops which are FREE and will run in the Kids & YA Area within the Festival Precinct.

Clunes has a Farmer’s market held on the 2nd Sunday of the month, from 9 am to 2 pm. Enjoy a fabulous lunch or snack at the many Clunes eateries while you are there before moving on to other fabulous destinations around Clunes.

self Portriat By John Longstaff (1862 -1948)
Goulbourn River by John Longstaff (1862 -1948)
Henry Lawson Portrait by John Longstaff (1862 -1948)
Burke & Wills arrival at Coopers Creek by John Longstaff (1862 -1948)
Clunes Farmer’s Market


The Great Ocean Road-Victoria

The Great Ocean Road-Victoria

One of the world’s most scenic Coastal Drives

The Great Ocean Road is 240-kilometre (150 mi) stretch of road along the south-west coast of Victoria between the coastal towns of Torquay and Allansford. The Great Ocean road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I; as such it is the largest war memorial in the world.

The road winds through many different terrains along the coast of Bass Straight and slightly inland forests. The road is a must see for all visiting tourists providing one of the world’s most scenic drives.

I have personally spotted whales from one part of the road and seen wallabies, kangaroos and koalas along other parts of the road. There are activities such as surfing, fishing, diving and many scenic walks for the outdoor minded. There are also great dining and accommodation in places along the way especially at Lorne.

The road provides access to several places of interest, including the Twelve Apostles’ limestone pillar formations, There are Giant Red Wood plantations near Lorne, and the Cape Otway Lighthouse. Most Day Trips from Melbourne stop just short of Port Campbell and head back through Colac and Geelong on the Inland route which is much quicker.

 In December 2020, legislation went into effect to legally protect the Great Ocean Road – called the “Great Ocean Road Environs Protection Act 2020”.[2]

The city of Geelong, close to Torquay, experiences great benefit from Australian and international visitors to the road; with Geelong Otway Tourism affirming it as an invaluable asset. The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) listed the road as the state’s top tourism experience in its Victoria 101 survey, based on spots recommended by members and the public on what they would recommend to visitors.

Persistent, Patient Commitment

Ask yourself if you really want to commit yourself fully to this. Sleep on it, and ask yourself again, before you half commit. Do you really want to change this habit? It will come with difficulty, falling on your face, and a new way of seeing yourself. Is this something you want?

If the answer is absolutely yes … then commit yourself fully. Be all in. Set a Quit Date for 3 days from now.

Tell others about your commitment and ask them to hold you accountable. Promise to report to them every day or every week. Be as committed to this as you’ve been to anything in your life — your marriage, your kids, your job, your best friend.

Then take the actions below.

Soverign Hill
Soveriegn Hill Stage coach

Change Your Environment

On your Quit Date, take action to cut off easy access to your compulsive habit — throw out the cigarettes or cookies, have a friend change the password to your favorite shopping sites, use a site blocker that you don’t have the ability to change, delete the apps from your phone.

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Change your environment, so that you aren’t likely to do the old habit. Ask people who live and work with you to hold you accountable. I’ve told my kids they can smack me if they see me eat cookies, and they gleefully agree! I’ve asked people to hide the router until I finish writing a book chapter. I’ve gone to a coffee shop to write a book and told my family I wouldn’t come home until it’s done.

Making it hard to do the old compulsive habit is called “Creating a Moat.” Don’t let your future self, at a moment of weakness, have an easy time of falling back into the old habit. Make it easier to stick to the new habit, even if it’s not especially easy.