About Us

Our Story

 Our story Started with Vi’s Travel Club and taking people to the NSW border in a little yellow  mini bus a affectionately named “Little Betsy”. Due to the Victorian State rules we weren’t allowed to carry passengers for reward unless we crossed the the state border under Federal Rules. We were incorporated in June 1987 and applied for our first Victorian Bus license. Once this was granted we purchased a 1978 Toyota Coaster Bus.

We then Organised trips all over Victoria and beyond. We charged $30 and picked up our passengers  up from their home for a days outing and the paid for their own meals and got dropped off at home at the end of the trip.

Over the next few years we were granted Licences for the second and third bus and then purchased a full sized 1976 Coach and later a 1979 Bedford Route  Bus. We started getting inquiries from Schools and clubs who didn’t mind using the older Vehicles. We ended operating 3 Large vehicles and one minibus. Currently we operate 34 seater and mini buses. Our main aim is to provide affordable transport and a great passenger experience.

During the Pandemic we went into recess due to the effect of the virus on Travel arrangements and are currently preparing for the return to normal.

Covid 19  Practice

We currently sanitise the vehicles before Boarding and after alighting of the passengers. Drivers , Guides and other staff wear masks and regularly sanitise their hands as required. Hand sanitiser is supplied on each vehicle  and we follow the state Covid-19 Guidelines .


Our Team